Hi SplitRacer!

Make yourself at home, after all, it was made for you. The community has been asking for a system of scheduled races, with predefined times and formats, arranged in quarterly calendars and a ranked license system which allows you to enter to compete against other drivers always closest to your level (matchmaking). Thus, you'll always have more disputed and fun races as the system will group, among the registered drivers, those closest to your performance.

But that's not all - SplitRace will be in constant development! So, in this initial phase we will be working with the Asssetto Corsa Competizione and then Automobilista 2; in a second phase, Assetto Corsa.

You might be wondering "and what about the future, new simulators"? Well, as long as they allow integration, it will certainly be part of SplitRace.

In this initial phase of development you get an area with the most diverse ranks for comparison to other members of our community. Soon, Teams Area will be avaiable for creation of virtual motorsport teams with pages and management of active drivers.

Next we will provide private virtual servers in your preferred simulator, as well as a session for creating and organizing your virtual championships. Thus, you will be able to organize your own races within SplitRace and use the ranked system to help you!


Welcome, driver!

Green, green, green!